RAK Hotspot Miners earn HNT when devices connect, and for validating wireless coverage delivered by peers. Using a system called Proof-of-Coverage, RAK Hotspot Miners earn more HNT when they're in range of other RAK Hotspot Miners, but need to be at least 300 meters apart.

Range depends on the environment, for rural areas up to 10 miles or more, but for more dense areas up to a mile. Single RAK Hotspot Miners earn less as they can only issue Challenges over the internet, and can’t participate in Proof-of-Coverage.


RAK Hotspot Miner V2

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    • Computing with Raspberry Pi4 (Linux)
    • 2GB on-board RAM
    • 32GB SD card
    • Based on the LoRa Concentrator Engine: Semtech® SX1302
    • Built-in Heat Sink for thermal heat dissipation management
    • Supports 5V/ 3A power supply
    • IP30 housing
    • TX power up to 27dBm, RX sensitivity down to -139 dBm @SF12, BW 125 KHz
    • LoRa® Frequency band support: RU864, IN865, EU868, US915, AU915, KR920, AS923.
    • Includes Pi ready 'ID EE PROM', GPIO setup, and device tree can be automatically configured from vendor information
    • Supports a fully open source LoRaWAN server